God cares about you, he cares about your pain, and he wants you to find the healing your heart needs. These seven modules will guide you step-by-step on a path that starts right where you are and leads toward healing and restoration. Read on to learn more about how the program works.

How It Works

The 7 stages of healing are covered through 7 modules. Each module is made up of 3 parts, with each part full of interactive, helpful content, scripture reading, and journal exercises. Download and print the accompanying journal to work through the process, reflecting on and revisiting your thoughts throughout your journey of healing.

Select a Module

Each of the 7 modules in this program provide a self-paced and self-reflective opportunity to engage with learning and healing. You will follow the powerful stories of several veterans through video, reflect on common and personal situations through your interactive experience, and engage with the content through reflection.

We highly encourage you to journal about your experience. You can download the complete journal below, or find sections of the journal within each module of the course. This journal is a safe space for you to reflect on what you are learning. It also provides you with an index of all the Bible passages from each module, listed chronologically.

Module 1:
God is near, even in your time of suffering.
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Module 2:
Being Heard
Being heard is a significant part of your healing journey.
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Module 3:
Grieving is a God-given process to help you recover from suffering.
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Module 4:
Bringing Pain to the Cross
Jesus will bear your pain for you.
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Module 5:
You have been forgiven and can learn to forgive as you heal.
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Module 6:
Coming Home
Healthy communication and biblical teaching can help you transition when you come home.
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Module 7:
Rebuilding and Resilience
Healing allows you to rebuild, grow, and become more resilient.
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Never Alone
Program Journal
Use this tool to record reflections, key insights, and ideas as you progress through each module.
Trauma Healing
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