Part 2


The Bible is God’s means of speaking into our lives. He speaks to us to comfort us and reassure us that we are not alone.

Read the following passages about God’s role as our Comforter during times of sorrow and pain.

Interactive Bible Verses


Throughout this program, we have discussed numerous biblical individuals who endured tremendous pain and suffering. Many of these resulted in rebuilding and resilience. Listen to how Naomi’s story ends from the Book of Ruth.


Reflect & Respond

Journal Exercise #2

One of the necessary parts of healing is the awareness of our growth and new wisdom–even new connections with God. You have been through the fire and have come out stronger. Reflect on your growth by asking yourself the following questions: Has your understanding of suffering and trauma changed? If so, how? Do you view the idea of recovery differently? How has your understanding of God changed through your trial and recovery?

If you have not yet downloaded and printed your Module 7 journal, you can download it now.

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