Part 2


How do we forgive like Christ? Jesus forgave us from the worst of human depravity and then asked us to follow his example. What does the Bible say about forgiving?

It is not wrong to feel angry or bitterness in our pain. Especially if we’ve been wronged. The sin is letting that anger and bitterness take root in our hearts and minds. Biblical forgiveness releases us from this anger. Learn more in the video below.

Reflect & Respond

Journal Exercise #2

What does forgiveness mean to you? What has helped you to forgive others in the past? What may hinder you from forgiving someone now? Are there any people you need to forgive? Name them and ask God to help you forgive them. Close your hands tightly and imagine holding all the hurt from these people in your hands. Then open your hands as a sign that you are releasing their hold on you. You forgive them with God’s help.

If you have not yet downloaded and printed your Module 5 journal, you can download it now.

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