Part 3


What if we are the ones who have caused the offense? What does repentance look like when we are the ones seeking forgiveness?


Some people continue to feel guilt, shame, and regret even after doing all they should to repent and make restoration. Why do you think this might be?

If our feelings make it seem that God is far away, we can talk to God about this. We can ask him to help us experience the truth that he has forgiven us and has removed our sins from us as far as the east is from the west.

Sometimes we will need other people to help us with this process, like a chaplain, pastor, counselor, or a trusted friend. This process can take time and the roots of our struggle can be deep. Gradually, our feelings can change to match the truth that we know in our minds.

Remember the earlier activity about forgiving? Complete it again now that you have learned the biblical foundation and value of forgiving. Has your understanding of forgiveness been impacted by what you’ve learned?

Drag and drop the tiles on the top into the corresponding categories below.


Separate from trusting the offender again.

Being honest about the pain.

Trusting the offender again right away and allowing them to hurt us again.

Letting offenders get away without facing any consequences of their actions.

A process.

A precondition for reconciliation.

Dependent on the offenders apologizing first.

Releasing the offender to God without waiting for them to apologize.

The same as reconciliation.

Acting like the offense never happened or saying it did not hurt.

Done instantly.

Letting the offender face the consequence of their actions.

Forgiveness is:

Forgiveness is not:

Reflect & Respond

Journal Exercise #3

Write some words of praise and thanksgiving to God, rehearsing what he has done for you. Thank him for his forgiveness. Allow your emotions time to catch up with what you know.

Is there anyone you have wronged? Can you seek forgiveness from them? Write their name and then make a plan to approach them.

If you have not yet downloaded and printed your Module 5 journal, you can download it now.


The next topic in this series is Coming Home. In this module, you will learn how to recognize the traumatic impact of separation and reintegration with family and friends.

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